Monday, February 6, 2012

Dreaming of some retail therapy...

My re-location to the Riverina in NSW is getting closer and closer and although I am going to be sad about leaving home and my family and friends I am excited about one thing....


I am a shop-a-holic. I admit it. I cant help but love a good "shop", some retail therapy is always good and it feels like I haven't had a good old shopping trip in a long time!

One thing that my lovely little country town doesn't have is good shopping!
I've become accustomed to online shopping and boy is it handy!

I thought I'd make a nice little list of my fav online stores that I stop into on a regular basis - some of them have been tempting me too much lately with new season fashion online! Ahhhh autumn/winter-y stuff is looking so cute at the moment! I'm excited for the cooler seasons to start (I can't believe I'm saying that because I usually LOVE summer, but winter is looking awfully stylish so far!)

If you're like me and are living far from the shops or just prefer to shop from home (in your PJ's - gotta love that! lol) then check these sights out:

I can't fault Sportsgirls' online store! I've had multiple purchases from these guys and all of them have shown up and packaged well. I even often get a cool little freebie when I buy stuff (I got a USB stick once, very handy!!)

They have a great return policy and I've never had troubles with sending something back if it doesn't fit right.
Plus I am in love with their new season stuff! So cute! Loving the new winter-y colours!!

Oh, and the "Sale" section online is always a must-see! Some awesome stuff goes on sale here, it also doesn't take long before something that is new goes on sale, so if there is something you love but don't love the price tag, wait a little while and it could end up a good $30 cheaper soon!

They have FREE shipping Australia wide for all orders over $120!

Every girl loves shoes and so do I! Betts have some awesome heels (and flats), but I've mainly purchased heels online here. They are really prompt with their delivery and I'm always happy with my purchases!

Plus, their new season shoes are always so trendy! And they have awesome sales too!!

3. The Body Shop
Okay, so the Body Shop isn't exactly in the "clothing" department but they do sell make-up and gorgeous products! I have been using Body shop makeup (mostly their foundation and powders) for a few years now and I love the stuff! I am also currently using a face cleanser by them and it feels devine!

I've purchased tonnes of stuff online with these guys and have never had any dramas with delivery or anything! I love the Body Shop!

Another one of my fav stores! This chain store sells the most pretty-girly stuff and I love it! I don't usually buy their clothes online (their range is much better in store) but I am addicted to their accessories!
One word... Bags! They stock the cutest bags! I love them

Ah, my new favourite love!! I am quickly getting addicted to Tony Bianco thanks to a good friend of mine who is also a big lover of Tony Bianco shoes and bags! This week was my first purchase from the online store so I cant comment on how quickly the item gets to me just yet, but I am so excited to receive them! I've browsed their online store many a time and have never been disappointed in what they are offering. Some of their boots... OMG! Love!

They have some good sales online too! Generally Tonys' shoes are around the $170+ mark but you can be lucky enough to get online and find a bargain for about $60 - $100!! Sweet!

The bags online are just gorgeous too!
Plus they offer FREE delivery! Gotta love that, its just like shopping in the store!

Okay, you're all geared up now - Get shopping ladies!!! :o)

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