Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mac vs PC ???

This week I almost had a melt down.

I was rushing last week to get one of my photography assignments completed by Friday before I had to be in Sydney over the weekend for little Sisters birthday (see previous blog post for details!).

Thanks to the crazy nature of the flood evacuations and being unable to return to my house until wednesday last week, my "actual picture taking" stages of my assignment were completely thrown out and I found myself to be all over the shop and unorganised.

Friday night I had everything uploaded onto my PC and ready to go for me to just re size and save as jpegs on Monday morning for my assignment presentation this Monday afternoon. Much to my distress when I got to uni half an hour before class was to begin, I had done something wrong on my PC and putting the PC jpegs onto the Mac computer just didn't work! I was in such a fluster, sweaty and hot, holding back the tears as I frantically re-did all of my photoshop work quickly and managed to get the pics onto the Mac computer just in time. I nearly cried my eyes off feeling so embarrassed that I had even had this problem as it is common knowledge here on campus that "computer problems will not be an acceptable excuse for late submission of assignments".

It got me thinking right away, maybe I need to give up my long love affair with PC computers and invest in an Apple Mac? Practically everyone in the Graphic Design industry uses the Mac's and most of the software that I am aware of is made initially for Mac's then introduced on the PC.

I just don't think I can give up my PC! I love the PC. I know how to navigate everything, it all looks familiar, everything is set out right... it just works!

When I use Mac's I know the basics but for some reason everything feels a bit backwards to me. Maybe this is the lack of practice in using these systems, I don't know but my little "almost meltdown" earlier this week has definitely got me thinking.

Do you have a Mac or a PC? Which do you think is better? Which do you prefer? Are Mac's easy to get used to?

Just like my IPhone post back here, I'd love if you could all give me some of your feedback and thoughts! If you're a Mac user let me know what you love about it! Maybe I could love a Mac just as much as I love my PC too?!



  1. Once you go Mac, you don't go convert (and also a design student)

    1. Thanks Krystal! I've heard that saying before, do you use a MacBook air or some other Mac?
      Ellie xo


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