Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple design... primary shapes

This week in design class we have been set a task to look at logos. We have been given a hypothetical task to design a logo and an image for an ecological friendly, luxury resort.

One of the tasks has been to look at the stages of the design process and how long it takes to get from the initial stages of design to the final finished project.

Initially we are just brainstorming and having to use our creativity to use primary shapes (squares, circles, triangles) to create images that could look somewhat like logos.

Working on this task has really made me think about the simplicity of design and how simple shapes can become a well known identity of a major brand or label.

Of course these "Symbols" look very boring at present, but teamed with the right text, font and colour, any of these images could pass for a business logo.

Take the Commonwealth Banks' log for example; its just a diamond right?

Who would have thought that simple "primary" shapes slightly manipulated (added to or subtracted from) could make a simple, effective logo?!

Design continues to surprise me. I love the simplicity of it and how simple it can sometimes be.


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