Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up!

Hey there folks! I'm alive & well! I made it through the floods, and if you had been hearing any local or possibly National news over the last week you would have heard that the CBD and Central Wagga also made it out safely. (Unfortunately North Wagga was still full of water late last week)

I have just gotten back to my "Wagga Home" after a BIG weekend in Sydney! My baby sister is celebrating her 21st birthday (I still cant believe that she's 21, OMG! today and we had a party get-together for her on Saturday Night. We had a ball!!

(Top: My Mum with my little sister Jessie, Bottom: Our Nan and Jessie at her 21st dinner at Chinta Ria, Cockle Bay Wharf)

There's a joke in our family that anyone who hangs out with us at any family functions, bbq's or get-togethers its like "Meeting the Fockers"! We are one loud, crazy bunch and I love it!
March is big in our family for birthdays and Sunday was also my younger cousin Brinleys' 15th birthday so we all caught the train out to Cronulla and saw her favourite footy team (the Newcastle Knights) play (and beat) the Sharks!!! Its was the best arvo, and Brin had the best time.

(Top: Brinnie the birthday girl in her birthday Knights gernsey ready to watch the footy! Bottom: Brinley, Jessie and Me in the footy stands at Cronulla!)

We all hit the streets of Sydney on Saturday hard and shopped till we dropped (and almost couldn't walk - I was dumb enough to wear some heeled boots around all day shopping, arghh my feet killed!).

Mum and I had an experience of our own and went into Sheike in the Pitt St Mall and were totally styled by one of their senior ladies that works there. I am so sad because we didn't even get to catch her name, we were so overwhelmed by how many awesome outfits she kept bringing to us to try on. God I was in heaven! She kept picking up the most trendy and stylish outfits that on my own I would have never thought to pick out and they looked awesome! She was amazing!!
Unfortunately being on my very tight uni budget I could only manage to purchase a few items, but I did score an awesome outfit for my sisters 21st that night (see pic below - sorry about the dodgy lighting, loving my new orange pants - colour blocking, check!) and an awesome outfit for a wedding that I am attending in the Hunter Valley next weekend!!

Sheike outfit

We were so lucky with the weather and were blessed with warm sunshine! We couldn't have asked for better since poor Sydney has been copping a lot of rain lately.

Darling Harbour

(Darling Harbour on Saturday morning - gorgeous day!)

I had the best time and have flown back to town in time for my uni lecture this afternoon and to submit and present an assignment (*sigh*).

Jessie I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations and I can't wait to see you again (hopefully before Christmas! lol), Love you little Sis!!

Big plans for me for the week ahead! I have several assignments to tackle and one design that I am super excited about that I cant wait to share with you all within the next week or two!

Any big plans for you this week?

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