Saturday, February 9, 2013

eBay sale!!

Hey everyone, how is your weekend going so far? Mine has been nice, except for the mild headache I woke up with this morning due to enjoying too many drinkies last night out with the BF and some friends (I hadn't been out in ages so my poor body really was not used to the alcohol! lol)

Anyhow, today another lovely blogger and twitter friend of mine inspired me to get back on eBay and start selling some items for cash!

I tried listing some dresses on eBay late last year and had no luck getting them sold. I have re-listed one of the dresses (a new Sportsgirl cocktail dress, size 10 with tags!) at a lower price in the hope of getting it sold!

I also have a tonne of books to be sold that I've either read and don't want anymore or haven't read at all and just want to sell! So far I have listed four books to see how they go!

I've got:

Shania Twain's bio "From This Moment On" (hard cover). Starting bid $5

Paullina Simmons fiction novel "Road to Paradise" (paperback). Starting bid $5

"The Weird Sisters" by Eleanor Brown (paperback). Starting bid $5

"The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks (paperback). Starting bid $2.50

All of these books are in really good condition - mostly 'as new', so if you are interested in any PLEASE BUY THEM!!

My eBay name is 3811ellie and you can search all of my items!


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