Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Spice Up Your Life" one more time?

I have just read online that the Spice Girls may be touring Australia in 2014!

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According to The Australian, this morning on the Kyle and Jackie-O radio show on 2DayFM Jackie-O reported that she had heard from a very, very reliable source that the girls would be touring our shores in 2014.

** Cue excited school girl screams!! **

There has been nothing reported 'officially' from the girls or their reps so at this stage it is only speculation but I am already crossing my fingers and toes that this time 'round the girls will pull through!

I would pay all the money in the world (...OK, maybe all the money in my small savings account) to get a ticket to see the 'Girl Power' routine from the girls again. I am a HUGE fan from way back and would love nothing more than to get my school-girlfriends back together to sing a long to our favourite Spice Girl pop songs of the 90's!

Despite all of the 'dramas' they've had as a girl-band, I hope they put their 'happy' heels on and do us Aussie fans proud! Viva Forever!!!

Whose with me?!?!



  1. They've all aged so well, they're all stunning! I saw Victoria's awkward dancing at the Olympics, so if it's true I hope she loosens up a bit by 2014

    1. I totally agree MrsB, they all look amazing! I hope Victoria dons a happy face for the whole thing too, I really hope they band together and do the tour! I am so excited!!!!

  2. I am so excited about this!! Their album was the first CD I ever bought!!

    1. I am so excited too! I hope it happens!


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