Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars Hype!

Because yesterday was Monday and I was stuck at work, I have unfortunately not been able to watch the Oscars pan out on TV ! * sad face *

Have any of you been watching?

I had a quick flick and peek at some of the fashion from the day in my lunch break but missed all of the real action. (I'm sure our subscription to Foxtel/Austar will pay off as the re-runs on the E! Channel will be massive an repetitive I'm sure!)

I have managed to have a glance online at the fashion (what girl doesn't do this?) and I've picked my favourites! The leading lady that takes the cake in my books is definitely Jessica Chastain (from the new film Zero Dark Thirty).

Image 1 / Image 2

Stunning!! From her porcelain skin, the red lip to the beautiful gown, she ticks all the fashion boxes in my books!

Coming a close second of course is one of my favourite up and coming actors, Jennifer Lawrence (known from the Hunger Games and the winner of the Oscar for her role as the leading lady in Silver Linings Playbook which is a movie that I was sadly disappointed in. I didn't really get it and wasn't that keen on it, but I love Jennifer as an actor either way!)

She looked the bomb-dot-com!

That gown was gorg!! And its funny, there seemed to be a lot of gowns in this 'blush', pale colour palette. Maybe this is a sign of what to expect next season? I love these pale colours, even the pale actors managed to pull them off and this colour is notorious for washing people out so kudos to those ladies!

I have to say, there were a lot of gorgeous looks this year! Naomi Watts looked amaze, but I was sad to hear none of the nominated Aussies picked up awards! Especially Hugh Jackman, I mean hello, he is a superstar! Better luck next year Aus!!


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