Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A whirlwind

OMG, last week was a total whirlwind for me. Technically I was on uni "holidays", but there was no holidaying happening for me. I worked full time the entire two weeks break! I can't complain because I got to do some pretty cool stuff while I was working.

At the end of last week I flew in to Sydney to spend some time helping out the lovely ladies that I am interning for at the hottest women's workout wear website Stylerunner! If you are a follower of all things healthy and fitness related, you will know that last weekend was the Australian Fitness and Health Expo (Filex) at the Exhibition centre in the city.

Stylerunner was launching their first ever stand at the event and I went along to help. It was such an amazing experience! I had never been to Filex before so it was definitely overwhelming at first. SOOOO many people came, way more than I had expected! Plus there was so much to see!

Some famous peeps made their way out also including the ah-mazing Michelle Bridges (from the Biggest Loser Australia) and she came and visited our stand and bought some workout wear! I was so star-struck! She was less than a metre away from me and turned to me while holding these Luca Hugh tights and said "These are hot!" It was the coolest thing ever, I swear!!

The gorgeous Stylerunner cofounders Sali and Julie with Michelle Bridges.
(Image courtesy of Stylerunner's Facebook page)

Anyhow, it was a huge four days. I flew in on Thursday and flew back to the Riverina on the Sunday night totally exhausted but more motivated to get in shape than ever before!!

I also got to meet Lindy Olsen (she was super nice!) and Geoff Huegill popped in to our stand to say hi to our Stylerunner Cofounders.

I felt so lucky to be apart of it all.

How has your week been so far? I am back into uni full swing this week with an assignment due on Friday! I hope you are well, wherever you may be!



  1. Ahhh THAT'S why there were so many fit-looking people walking around Darling Harbour last week. I had a feeling some sort of convention was going on but I'm not really in the fitness circles haha

    1. Lol Yep, there were ALOT of fit people hanging around the Harbour! So many people were queuing for tickets too, it was nuts!

  2. Awesome! A few boys from husbands football team were also at the expo for a promo. I want/need one of those purple sports bras!

    btw, I've nominated you for a liebster award, please see my blog if you want to participate :)


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