Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Minute Rushing...

Today I'm doing a last minute dash to get organised. You see, this year has flown by so fast that I'm really not organised for a lot of stuff thats coming up in the next week.

Tomorrow I'll be heading off out of town and then out of the country (to NZ) for Roger's cousins wedding (which will be beautiful!), and of course I've known that the wedding was coming up all year, it isn't until the last minute that I'm actually getting organised!

There's just so much to do before I leave! I'm getting ready to rush to work, I'm about to scribble on some Chrissie cards to send to friends that I've been meaning to do for weeks and I'm throwing some clothes in the wash so I have stuff to wear over there! lol

So if you don't hear from me for nearly 2 weeks, I apologise, I'll be over in New Zealand taking in the sights! I'll be back just before Christmas and will definitely post about all of my adventures!

Until then, stay well and happy crafting!


  1. I will miss you Ellie! Our house has been approved so it's time to start packing! I must be crazy- moving a week before Christmas!!! Have a great time in NZ... see you next Visit! I'll update my address and make sure you get it. Thanks so much for the Xmas Card... are you 8b or 86? Talk soon xx Hayley

  2. Happy Travels :) Thank you very much the the swap goodies that arrived today. I can't crochet so I especially love the cloth and the apple decoration is very sweet. I can't wait to warm up the tea pot :)


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