Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the 4th day of Christmas...

On the 4th day of Christmas ... I finished my crochet zippered purse!!
After a lonnnnng night last night at the infamous bush Tilpa Hotel on the Darling River for our work Chrissie party, I managed to crawl from my bed (after only a couple of hours sleep) to get down to Jellywares for a very "relaxed" crochet class.

(Roger out the front of the pub)

Jode had also been at Tilpa last night so we were both keen for a slow class and I managed to finish off my zippered purse and I LOVE IT!!

It's a perfect size to fit some coins, some notes, probably a lip gloss or keys. I think I might take this little cutie out to the markets tonight!

There wasn't too much to this purse and I'm thinking that I'd love to make another, for the next one I could make it a little bigger so it could hold a little more stuff, but this little one will suit for now!

Such a cool little project starting out as a "Mystery"! Can't wait for the December mystery project!!

How has your weekend been so far? I hope that wherever you are, you're not getting washed away with all of this crazy rain!! It's raining here this afternoon, its definitely snuggle up on the couch weather!!

Happy crafting :o)


  1. This is an adorable little project!

  2. I love your little purse Ellie! When you say it started as a mystery, did you just make it up as you went or did you have a pattern? It looks great, it would be a lovely addition for xmas pressies! Cheers Jules

  3. Hey Jules,
    I got the pattern from Jodie at Jellywares, we started following the pattern not knowing what it was going to be! Thats what I meant by a "mystery" project! I'd love to be able to come up with something like this from scratch! I'm not quite there just yet!! lol

  4. The coin purse is just adorable! Wish I lived closer to you both so I could join in those wonderful crochet classes too.

  5. Hey there, I love this little coin purse, do you have the pattern for it? Would love to make a few for Christmas gifts. I love your blog, thanks for the inspiration

    1. Hi Sarah,
      i dont actually have a copy of the pattern anymore unfortunately :(
      My friend Jodie at made the pattern so she would still have a copy I'd say! If you visit her blog you can probably email her and get a copy!
      Ellie :)


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