Monday, December 27, 2010

Lazy days...

This summery weather should bringing out the "get-up-and-go!" in me but its actually making me want to do nothing but chill out with all of the windows open letting the breeze in and catch up on some crochet and some of my favourite TV shows on DVD (One Tree Hill to be exact!! lol I love this show!)

Today on this lazy day, I whipped up this super cute coin purse thanks to Jodie's super easy to follow tutorial over at her blog! I love it! I used some gorgeous Debbie Bliss Eco-baby yarn that I got as a Secret Santa present this Chrissie and I think it turned out great!

Also this morning I harvested some more veggies from our patch... A very small and kind of twisted bunch or carrots!

I'm thinking that I want to use these to whip something special up before Roger gets home from the city... maybe a carrot cake? What can you really use carrots for other than just steaming or roasting them? Any suggestions??

Happy Monday! :o)


  1. Love the coin purse - so cute! You've got such a great blog here :D

    It's lovely to be inspired by other people who love to create things and just enjoy life!

    Lost on carrot suggestions but think the carrot cake is a great one! Goes good with a butter/icing sugar mix for the icing and some walnuts thrown in :)

  2. The coin purse is so cute.

    I shred carrots in my soup! You can also sneak shredded carrot into pasta sauces.

    Have a wonderful year ahead!


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