Friday, April 6, 2012

Here at last...

I made it through term 1 of uni! I am alive, and still fighting fit! After all of the assignments and part time work and lack of sleep, I have managed to make it out the other end!!

I have arrived home to my country town for Easter with my family. I have decided that I love Easter. Its a perfect time of year. Everyone gets the long weekend off and its just the right amount of time to re-charge the batteries and enjoy some quality time with loved ones without spending too long together and ripping each others hair out! lol

I have been expecting the weather to be cooling off lately but here it is stinking hot! My memories of Easter as a child were cold nights by the campfire on our property by the river. Today, we are cleaning up the back yard and taking the cover off the pool in anticipation for some swimming with my younger cousins who will be spending today with us! Is it hot where you are today?

Wherever you are, I hope this Easter break brings you happiness and rejuvenation. I hope you are spending it with loved ones and eating lots of yummy fresh fish and seafood today (no-meat-friday!).

I'll be kicking back with my Dad to peel some prawns pretty soon too!

Happy Easter Bloggy friends!!

Oh, and Ps. I ended up taking the plunge and purchasing a Mac laptop!! I'm blogging on it right now!! #excitingtimes!! I'm slowly getting used to the big conversion from my PC, but I am happy to admit I am falling in love!


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