Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm in print... well, sort of!!

Hey bloggy friends! I have been one busy bee this week! Week 1 of term 2 of uni is almost over! Hectic let me tell you! I'll be posting about my whole week in pictures later this week!

Firstly, happy belated Anzac Day! I trudged out into the freezing cold at dawn yesterday morning to attend the dawn service here in town. It was mighty early and mighty cold but was well worth it. I even got a little choked up when I was listening to the trumpet play. There was a huge turn out which is so great to see that so many people support our past and present troops! I got some pictures of the service for a photography assignment, I'll post these later.

Now, to my exciting news! I'm in print!! Well kind of. I have just completed an assignment for one of my design classes that involved us designing an 8-page magazine called "LOL" (as in life out loud. Pretty lame name but this was a pre-requisite and we could do whatever we wanted for everything else.)

This week I got the magazine printed and it looks great! We had to use a professional printing company and all, it felt all very official and new. I had to contribute one double page spread to my magazine and then I got to choose two stories from my class mates to use.

I was lucky enough to interview my good friend Jodie from Jellywares for my spread and I'm really pleased with how it all turned out! Jode was great to interview, her creativity inspires me all the time!

Here's a look at what my interview with Jodie looks like (in the magazine it is a double page spread.)

It was such a learning experience working with a professional printer. It definitely opened my eyes up a little to what the "real" world of graphic design may be like. I loved every minute of it!

It feel great to say that I love my job. Well, its not really my job yet but hopefully it soon will be because it feels good to love what you do! Do you love what you do?


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