Friday, April 27, 2012

What a week (in pictures)

Its only been a week since I've been back in to my "normal" uni routine and it already feels like I have run a marathon.

This week has been a long one, with plenty of happenings. Here's how it started...

I spent my last lovely warm day at home in the "country" packing up my winter things to head back down south to tackle term 2 of uni. My parents were away visiting my baby sister  in QLD so I was on "animal duty" which means feeding the  four family dogs (sadly our number is now down to three as our little mate Turbo passed away today. RIP little buddy.) along with our kitty and our hens.

Hen eggs

I love feeding the chooks, I love having chooks and I wish I had the space here in my one beddy unit to have my own chooks because the never ending supply of eggs is always welcome and I love the "farm-y" feel you get from having hens clucking in the yard.

Hen eggs

Later in the week, especially on Wednesday morning I felt my real taste of the new season, "early winter". I got up at the crack of dawn (well, technically earlier) and made my way to town to witness the Anzac day dawn service. It was lovely, a HUGE turn-out and very very cold! I had my winter woollies on and still didn't have enough layers on!

Anzac dawn service

By the middle of the week I was feeling a little lonely and pulled out all of my winter comfort tricks and snuggled in my bed with porridge and tea.

Teddy two

Hot water bottle weather


Today saw some more strange weather with a high morning fog around the city but brought out a yummy warmish afternoon.

Morning fog

I had some time to kill after class this afternoon before my last shift of work for the week and purchased these gorg aqua bowls. I eyed them off in Bathurst during my holidays and didn't get a chance to buy them, until today! I am really digging the colour aqua right now and these bowls are just perfect.

New aqua bowls, love.

Now I am kicking the weekend off with a big glass of red and a tad bit of guilt from a bad "binge" eating day (Oops). So I plan to wake up feeling happy and motivated to tackle a "get-back-on-track" session at the gym tomorrow and meet one of my gorgeous friends for an organic breakfast at one of our fav eateries in town in the morning.

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever they are, have a relaxing weekend! I plan to do some uni homework, relax, maybe even catch a movie at the cinema (I love the movies!) Happy weekend friends!


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