Thursday, April 19, 2012

A New Addiction...

Oh God. Every time I turn my head there seems to be a new and exciting app or social networking site or gadget-y thing that comes out that I get sucked into and quickly become addicted to it!

First it was Facebook, then it was my iPhone and all of its great apps, then instagram, now I am addicted to Pinterest!!!

Are you on Pinterest? Have you heard of it before? Some of you may be nodding ferociously and yelling "Gee Ellie you are so behind the times, Pinterest has been around for AGES!!" But just this week I got my little "you've been accepted" email from the Pinterest clan and I logged on and started pinning! Now I can't stop!

I remember early in the uni semester this year one of my lecturers was prompting us to try out this new site to use it for creating mood boards for our design work.  I thought it was just another site that I wouldn't really use or need and I didn't think much more about it until a good friend of mine told me all about it a few weeks ago and showed me her boards and just how cool it is!

For those of you that don't know what Pinterest is, its an online site where you can "pin" images, tutorials, websites etc etc that you love and don't want to forget to a category or a board that you have created in your account. Eventually you can end up with a mass of "pin boards" categorised into anything that you like for easy navigation. This site totally eliminates you having to use the old "bookmark" tab on your computer to keep stuff that you want to refer back to. Genius! Its also linked to your Facebook if you want it to be and you can find friends and follow their pin boards too!

Anyhow, I have been using it for a few things lately. I'm getting back into knitting and crochet this winter and it has been so useful for some project inspiration, plus, a lot of great crafty bloggers that I follow are actually pinning already with many of their crafty projects and inspiration posted up! It's also helping me with some graphic design inspiration and I've been looking into some DIY interior stuff too and there are tonnes of awesome ideas on here!!

(image source) - pinned on Pinterest!

I totally recommend checking it out!

What new apps, websites or programs are you addicted to at the moment? Let me know in a comment, maybe we could be addicted together?! lol


  1. LOL theres just too much fun isnt there,I joined Pinterest a while ago and althouygh I dont go there very often i use mine to keep records of images and ideas I come across,love going back and looking at them cause I forget what Ive collected

    1. I am the same! Even though I have only been pinning for a few days, after I log back in and I see all of my pin boards, pictures of stuff I've pinned pop up and I love looking over everything that has inspired me! Such a cool website!
      Thanks for commenting and stopping by!
      Ellie xo :o)


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