Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What the heck is Polyvore??

Its no secret that I am an internet junkie and probably spend waaay too much time reading blogs, watching youtube, shopping online, wasting time on facebook etc etc so its no surprise that lately I have been hearing quite a bit about this site called "Polyvore".

So being curious I naturally checked it out, signed up to make an account and started fiddling around with it. I'm finding it pretty funky!

It's a fashion site where you can create your own outfits and ensembles and display them in a pretty and funky way so you can share them with friends all over the internet.

I'm sure the site offers heaps more than this but I haven't been playing around with it long enough to know the rest of the details (lol).

This is my first attempt at a "set", I decided to whip up what I am planning to wear out this weekend for a girly night with a freind I haven't seen in ages!

Going out outfit 01.10.11

(My dress is really similar to this one but isn't lacey and is a little more fitted at the bottom.)

I have to admit, its pretty fun mixing stuff up and pretending I can afford some of the ridiculously expensive clothes they have on the sites databse for you to use when creating an ensemble!!

Check it out, you might enjoy it too!


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  1. I'm going to have to check this out, it sounds right up my street! Thanks!


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