Thursday, February 3, 2011

All things chunky!!

Lately I have been very busy and slack on the Blogging front and I must apologise for this!! My life has been very hectic with uni and work stuff going on that I just haven't had the opportunities to sit down and Blog about creative goodness or even do anything creative for that matter!! How sad! :o(

So... on my mind at the moment I've been thinking of all things winter-y. Sounds silly I know! Especially since the weather around here has been sooo far from chilly or winter-y its not even funny!

I can't help it though! I've been scrolling through the pages and pages of Ravelry patterns and have been finding some very cute and fun looking patterns that would be perfect for winter. I have also fallen in love with CHUNKY yarn all over again!

I used some Nundle 20ply chunky yarn for my first ever crochet project and last week (when I felt like I had some more time on my hands) I whipped up a gorgeous chunky winter cowl out of some Cascades 20 Ply Magnum. Yummo! I love it! You can get the pattern from Jodie for FREE when you purchase a skein of chunky yarn in Jellywares on Marshall (here in my hometown). I will post pics as soon as I've taken some!

caramel wool

I fell in love with chunky yarn so much that I needed some more of it, and my online shopping junky urges kicked in and I attacked the Nundle Wool Mill online shop and purchased 2 more skeins of the Nundle 20ply!

nundle wool

I love this yarn and after purchasing my first skein from Jodie, I have been hooked! I have some big plans for these two skeins (... if only I could find some time!! lol)

I've been lusting over these cute patterns in particular...

"Leaf" scarf by Susan B Anderson



I'm thinking I could definitely make the Leaf pattern with the caramel coloured chunky I just purchased! How exciting, I hope to get this little beauty started soon!

Also... (I'm nearly done talking your ear off! hehe) you've probably noticed that I've been making a few fiddly changes to my blog set up as late. I LOVE blogging and really enjoy feedback so if you're not digging the new "simplified" version of You, Me and Miss E please feel free to let me know! I'm thinking simpler is looking good and I have now managed to widen my post sections so I can fit more in along the page! Yay!

Let me know what you think! What have you been up to lately?

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