Saturday, February 26, 2011

A morning of sewing...

Today in stead of my usual Saturday morning ritual of hanging around the house, cleaning, relaxing or shopping, I signed up for a sewing class at Jellywares!

Jodie had asked me last week if I wanted to learn how to make one of her famous "Shirred Summer Dresses" and I jumped at the chance!
Once I got into the shop and we'd discussed fabric options I went with a light blue cotton fabric and decided to make a shirred top in stead.

So we got sewing, with my pattern instructions in hand and Jodie helping along the way, I came up with this cute number that I just LOVE!

shirred shirt3

(Please excuse the roughly made bed in the background!!!!)
We added a small amount of white lace "ric-rac" looking material to the bottom for a little something extra!

shirred shirt4

I've still got enough fabric to make some straps if I feel like it, but I'm kinda thinking that I'm loving this shirt just the way it is... strapless!

I had so much trouble trying to take a picture of myself in this shirt, so my photo's mighten do the shirt justice but you hopefully get the gist!! lol

My next sewing project is going to be a little tester for myself. I recently purchased some GORGEOUS small samples of Yardage Design's fabrics and for a while now I have been keen to attempt to make some "yo-yo's" on my own. I'm hoping that they'll look super sweet attached to some bobby-pins as hair clips or as brooches or even attached to a crochet beanie project!

These should keep me busy tomorrow and are suppose to be relatively easy, so we'll see!!

Mmmm someone in our neighbourhood is cooking something super yummy and the smell is wafting in to my house!! I'm jealous, yummo!! hehe Not to worry, I'm off to get ready for my sister's farewell dinner out on the town tonight!
Whats on the menu at your place tonight??


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