Thursday, February 17, 2011

A penny for your thoughts...

Lately I have been thinking (once again!!!) about an online store. I mentioned a while back that I was looking into starting a Made It store online and I'm getting very keen to give it a go now! I'm very inspired at the moment and want to try my hand at it. Can't hurt can it??!

I've made a few crafty things here and there over the last few months, some I have kept and others I have given away but I'm wondering whether I should be making a whole swag of things predominantly for the store OR would it be okay to just show pictures of items that I have made and then when someone wants to purchase, I can custom make each item to their likings??

What do you think?

Would you prefer to be able to see something online and love it, click and buy... OR would you rather see something that you like and like the idea of being able to change the colours or buttons or bits about it?
I'm thinking either way may work and maybe I can do a bit of both in the store (have some things made and ready to go and others can be custom made to order)

Hmmmm... any thoughts would be lovely!

Ellie x

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  1. Well I think you may get overwhelmed if you allow to much choice. You may want to do that with just one item to test how it goes. Good luck....very exciting.


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