Monday, February 7, 2011

A new knit...

So as promised, I managed to find some down time here and there between the study and get the very pretty "Leaf" scarf pattern started! I am so in love with this pattern already!!
Susan B. Anderson, you are a genious!
This pattern is so easy to follow and quite quick so that I'm not losing interest and I get to see the pretty leaf pattern form before my eyes!

leaf scarf

I'm whipping this little beauty up in a Nundle 20ply, caramel coloured yarn that is so yummy to work with. Since we've had a cooler change in the weather over the weekend I am definitely feeling comfy knitting up this winter project!

leaf scarf2

The great thing with this pattern is that you can make the scarf as long or as short as you like, you've just gotta continue the leaf pattern over and over as many times as needed.

leaf scarf4

leaf scarf3

I can't wait to watch the scarf grow - more pics to come once it's finished!

What are you working on at the moment?

Ellie x


  1. I would love to see a pic once its all finished! Knitting is something I have always wanted to try.

  2. This is looking awesome Ellie!!!

    I love the Nundle chunky and can't wait to use it again this Winter..

    Jodie :)

  3. While blog-browsing I found your post. Seriously love the pattern, just don't know if I could work with anything bigger than 10ply - oh well I learn to adapt.
    Yours is gorgeous

  4. Thanks for all of the lovely comments ladies!

    Antoinette - I will definitely post piccies once the scarf is all done - stay tuned!! :o)

    Maria - chunky 20ply can be a bit hard to adjust to using especially with knitting but it is easy to get used to and the pattern works up soooo quick!! I definitely recomment trying it out!!

  5. Your scarf look gorgeous!! 20ply! sounds right up my alley, is that from the Nundle Wool shop?? What size needles are you using? :-)

  6. Yep Baa-Me Knits its the 20 ply from the Nundle online wool store! Its awesome that you can buy their gorgeous yarns online! PLUS they were sooo quick posting my yarn to me I was very impressed!

    I'm using US size 15 neeldes which are 10mm, nice and big needles for the chunky yarn. It works up really quickly so its great for a quick knitting or crochet project to get instant gratification!

    Ellie x


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