Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummy Yarn

This week I am feeling very chuffed! One of my best friends has asked me to make her friend's daughter a beanie for her birthday. This is my first "official" order to make one of my crochet beanies for someone and I feel so happy that I've been asked to craft something special for a friend!

So I got asking... "What size beanie... what colours... pinks, purples, girly??" because I'm so excited to start this little project and get back to my "crochet roots" so to speak. I love to crochet and it was the craft that lead me to be so in love with handmade goodness and also lead me to blogging about all things handmade!

malabrigo red3

So my friend D informed me that the little Miss that the pressie will be for is 2 years old and our colour scheme is to be red and cream. I'm excited to use these colours because for a little girl its a little different than your standard pinks and purples (even though I'm such a girl and LOVE these colours too!! hehe)

malabrigo red

So when I raced down to my local yarn shop Jellywares to load up on the yarn I need to get this baby started I found that Jode had finally received her order from Malabrigo yarns Uruguay and I was really excited! Its always nice to try out a new yarn especially one that is suppose to be really really nice to work with. So I though, yep, I better be getting myself some Malabrigo yarn for my first order project!

malabrigo red5

This yarn is YUMMY! Soft and squishy and comes in so many pretty colours (hand dyed colours to be exact!)! The red is beautiful and perfect for what I need.

malabrigo red4
Now all I need to do is get this project started and luckily it happens to be Friday and the weekend seems like the perfect time to get this beanie hat started!
What have you got planned for the weekend??
Ellie x

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  1. I can't wait to see how your first order works up Ellie, very exciting!!!

    I'm so glad that the pic re-sizing thing-y worked for you on your blog. Your pictures look great at this new 'larger' size..

    Jodie :)


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