Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In search of the perfect birthday card...

It's a very good friend of mines birthday coming up very soon (this week to be exact - I'm a little slow on the organisation side of things!!) and I've got her present all ready to go but I wanted to find a sweet little handmade card to go along with it.

Where else to look than the place that houses all of the great handmade things... Made It of course!!

Here is what I found from Misiu "Handmade Thingmebobs"


I'm loving the cutsie owls and the real "handmade" look it has. Too cute and perfect for my bestie. Go check the store out, you might find a neat little gift as well! :o)



  1. aww that is sweet!!!

  2. Gorgeous Ellie.
    Also love your recent knitting book purchase. I would love something similar about crochet. Would love one day to be able to crochet a rug. Any recommendations?

  3. Hey Fiona,
    I havent got a lot of crochet books but there are a few good ones out there! I have found over the last few months of buying online that seem to stock some good craft books at decent prices. I usually just search "crochet" or knitting and there seems to be a good variety there!
    Sorry I don't know any specifically but if I come by one as good as this knitting book I will definitely post about it!
    Ellie ....x


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