Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Must have patience

So some of you may be wondering... what the heck happened the Ellie's "Lady Kina" cardi?!

Well folks, despite being hugely overwhelmed and bogged down by chemistry experiment reports, tonight I decided that I needed some "down time" from study and added a couple of extra rows to my cardi.

So here's a sneak peak of the (almost finished-but not quite) cardi.

(PLEASE PLEASE excuse and ignore the grey sweater shirt I have on under the cardi, I've been hanging about in comfy clothes all day at uni and was so not bothered to change into a nice singlet that would have looked better under the cardi to take pictures in! LOL)

kina cardi2

I'm thinking at the moment that I may have made the "collar" part of the cardi a little too big (around the neck) but I'm sure it shouldn't look too bad once it's done and sitting right.

All that is left to do now is finishing knitting the garter stitch edging and then sew up the arm seams!!! How exciting!

Not far to go!

I'm off to do some more study.

Keep smiling :o)



  1. Ellie I just wanted to say thankyou for stopping by. I've so enjoyed the positive comments regarding boarding school. All comfort for this rather worried mama!
    By the way, love your cardi.
    Will be sure to drop by again soon.

  2. Your cardi is super cute I love it. My roommate is a chem major and she studies all the time too. I couldn't imagine doing that.

  3. Ooooh Ellie, I love it! What a beautiful colour. I'm so jealous you can knit, I seem to have two left hands when it comes to knitting needles. Sewing stitches I can easily unpick, dropped knitting stitches have me pulling my whole project out and starting again :(

    Can't wait to see the final product xx


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