Monday, April 11, 2011

Purls of Wisdom

Ah, it is so nice to be in a town (for the short term) and be able to go into a bookstore to buy books (rather than what I settle for most days and buy online!).

Yesterday Roger and I did a big stroll around Wagga checking things out, shopping and browsing and as soon as I saw the bookstore I jumped and raced in to see what I could find.

(As I've previously mentioned in other posts), some of you may know that I have a terrible habit of buying gorgeous books and never getting around to reading them, or half reading them and never finishing. Well I committed the crime yesterday of buying yet again another book but this time I am convinced that I'll use it!!

I am slowly and surely falling into a deep love with knitting and it's sad because my skills aren't that great. Never fear though, I am determined to be a master of this gorgeous craft and "Purls of Wisdom" is going to lead the way!!

purls of wisdom book

I was so exited when I opened this book and took a quick "pre-purchase squiz". I haven't found a book yet that explains knitting so well like (the author) Jenny Lord does! There's so many little helpful hints, how-to's and tips that will help me overcome those knitting obstacles. She teaches the basics like how to cast on/off, how to make an i-cord, how to increase etc etc.

purls of wisdom book2

She also includes some cute patterns that help put into practice the learning's from the book! I'm in love with this book already and can't wait to get home to my local yarn supplier (Jellywares) and stock up on some yarns to tackle a new project with my new found knitting confidence!!

purls of wisdom book4

purls of wisdom book3

I think I'll give these little hand warmies a go now that the weather is feeling chilly!!

purls of wisdom5

I hope you all have a great week, I'll be back to normal and home again this coming Saturday (I cannot wait!) Hopefully I'll have some new knitting to share with you!!


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