Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make what you would buy!

I LOVE being a crafty person and I love being able to share it with friends and people that I care about.

While out tonight for a dinner date (at the chocolate shop!!! hehe) with my good girly friend Heidi, we went into one of her favourite retail stores Witchery to browse (since we both currently cant afford a mega shopping spree lol)

Whilst scoping through the store "Ooohing and Ahhing" at all of the cute things we wished we could buy tonight she pointed out to me a gorgeous mega chunky and mega long khaki knitted scarf that she LOVES!

Much like this one...

(image from here)


Oooh it was yummy, but at a price of $79.95!!! Whoa!

I reassured Heids not to worry, there was another way to get the pretty scarf and that would be for me to make one (and at a fraction of the cost!!).

She was stoked.

So now on my ever growing "list of things to make" is Heidi's "witchery-knock-off" scarf. I can't wait to cast on!! Isn't it an awesome feeling knowing you can make garments you'd lust over in big expensive shops?! I think so!


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  1. It is a great feeling to be able to make something yourself and gift it. And even better its an original from you and cheaper - more reason to make things Yeah!


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