Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Malabrigo Love and Crochet Goodies...

Ahhh Malabrigo...

Now I know this yarn is the most blogged about yarn in the history of yummy yarns but let me tell you... there is a reason! This stuff is just so darn nice and squishy and yummy and Oh! It's just too good!!

I'm bustling in the nights to get some crochet beanie's whipped up for one of my bestie's niece's and for the first beanie I am using more of the gorgeous Malabrigo worsted weight (like what I used for the Little Red Beanie not too long ago).

This time I'm making the little girls beanie in a hot fuschia pink and the colour just pops! Perfect to adorn a little girls little head this winter!

(Below, Beanie # 1, still a WIP)


Because my friend D loved the last beanie I made for her she wanted another 2 made using The Dainty Daisy's shell stitch beanie pattern again, and I'm loving this pattern even more everytime I use it! It's a winner for sure - so quick, easy and effective!


So tonight I am hoping to have beanie # 1 done and # 2 in motion.

Stay tuned for finished piccies!!

How has your week been so far?



  1. I love that yarn! Sad that they're not available over here..and as usual your beanies are lovely!

  2. Your right Ellie, this shade of Malabrigo just POPS!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  3. Jodie has just helped me out with some beautiful Malabrigo. It has a reputation for a reason. Pity we can't get the same in beautiful Aussie merino.
    Love your beanies

  4. Hi Ellie! I thought that I would stop by and say "Hello"! I love your blog and just joined to follow it. I got your Blog details from Meet Me at Mikes Blog List, and added mine in the process too: pennipopsdesigns.com. Stop by to say hello if you like! Blessings! Penni x

  5. Hi Penni, thanks so much for stopping by and joining my Blog! I'm so glad that you love it!
    I'm going to head over to your blog to check it out now!!
    Hope to hear from you again sometime!
    Ellie x

  6. Beautiful yarn, color and pattern! Wow!


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