Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Bear Beanie # 1

Yep, here it is - I've finally finished the first Baby Bear Beanie!! I'm so excited to have finished it, it looks sooo darn cute and I LOVE it!! The colour and Shiloh wool turned out so beautiful and makes the perfect little baby beanie!! I can't wait to send it off to Roger's baby cousin Mateo! I hope it fits his head!!

I've got to make one more for baby Emmanuel also in another gorgeous colour and because I've already made one hopfeully it wont take me too long to get the next one done!!

The gorgeous pattern is by Mia Zamora Johnson, and she calls it the "Osito Baby Hat". I'm so proud how it turned out!

Here's hoping the next one is also a success! :)

Ellie x


  1. Hi! Great beanie :)
    When I was reading your blog I thought you might like to look at these two blogs:
    and Foxes Lane:
    Oh, by the way, I found your blog via Ravelry :)

    See you,

  2. Thanks Lee, I'll definitely check those other blogs out! I love Blog surfing, there are so many great ones out there!
    I'm glad you found me through Ravely, I havent been on there for very long but I love it! Are you also on there? I'll try and search for your crafty projects too!
    Ellie :)


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