Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunny Winter Days!

Today was such a nice day here in town, the sun was out and warm (for the most of the day) and we haven't had nice weather like this in the last week or so! Roger and I were up relatively early (for a saturday... I like to sleep in, especially on a long weekend!) and we took the new (old) Merc for a drive. Roger picke dup my little cousin Jack to go for a spin in the car and he loved it! I think he really enjoyed crusin' around with Rog in the old school car listening to old school music on the radio. He even scored a pair of Rogers old sunnies to wear while we were crusin around! It was sooo nice driving around town with the warmish sun and the windows down... sounds so corny, but it was a great start to our Saturday!

After a beautiful start to the day catching up with some of the family, I made it down town for another crochet class! I'm about halfway through my black lacey cowl and it is starting to look really good! I can't wait to finish it! I'm hoping to get it done by this week if all goes to plan with my study and my second uni exam on tuesday (*sigh*). I also went a little crazy and stocked up on some gorgous yarns to get startd on some new projects! I just love seeing (and buyin) all of the gorgeous fibres that Jodie has stocked in her shop. I can't help it that every time I go in I end up buying something!

Firstly I purchased some gorgeous Shiloh Wool skeins of 8ply hand dyed wool. Ahh I just love the colours these skeins come in, especially the minty green colour and this beautiful "citris". I'm going to be using these skeins to make 2 baby bear beanies using a super cute pattern which I will link to in my next post! I can't wait to make them for Roger's new baby cousin's, baby Mateo and baby Emmanuel. We haven't met the new additions yet but we are heading back to Syndey in July and I'd love to be able to give them a small handmade gift when we get there!

Next I purchased a beauitful skein of Heirloom Alpaca wool (8ply).
This stuff is sooo nice and soft! I love Alpaca's! I've always wanted one, but I'll just settle for their wool for now! lol I'm going to be making Roger a wide hair band to keep his dreadlocks back in place. I've started it already and its looking great! I think he'll be pleased with his first homemade project!
I've got so much going on at the moment and I just can't wait to sink my teeth into all of these new projects (and current projects that I'm still yet to finish!)
Ellie x

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