Monday, June 28, 2010

Pretty Prints

Last Friday I received a parcel in the mail! I was so excited because I LOVE getting mail and inside the parcel was my gorgeous tote bag that I ordered online from !

This site is super cute with great products including my large tote bag with this really pretty pink print (also available in different prints and great colours!). The site sells all sorts of things for the house like pretty tea towels, aprons, oven mitts as well as other stuff like lotions and laptop slip cases!

One of the great things about the site is that the designers and creators try to design and use environmentally friendly products and means of producing their stock so as well as scoring awesome and pretty buys you are helping the environment too! :)

Also this week I've been working on a few crochet projects, I thought I'd better post some updates! I started working on a face washer (or could be used as a dish cloth) using a really easy and cute pattern from . I'm really liking how its looking, I want to make a few for around our home. I think they look so cute all folded or rolled up and tied with some nice ribbon or yarn and given as homemade presents!

I'm still working on the Baby Bear Beanie #2, but I'll post some pictures soon as I need to purchase another skein of wool tomorrow to continue working on it. Pictures coming soon though! :)
Ellie x


  1. hi ellie, what a lovely little blog i find myself on! and i am envious of your crochet ability as a beginner myself i am yet to master rows like yours above and still trying to the granny sqaure sorted! Enjoy your new bag - it looks great ;-)

  2. Thanks Mira! And thanks for commenting!
    I'm also pleased with how my crocheting is turning out (a little surprised actually!) this face washer in particular because my first ever washer attempt failed terribly! I tried extra hard to get the tension nice in this one!!
    Thanks again, and I look fwd to hearing from you in other posts!
    Ellie :)


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