Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends and a weekend away...

This past weekend I had such a nice time spending it with my two closest girl friends in Bathurst! Because my two best friends live in other towns we rarely get to catch up and just chill out!

It was a girly weekend with lots of yummy wine, food (thanks to Teegs and her bf Leigh slaving over us in the kitchen! hehe), cosmo cocktails, shopping and LOTS of chatting which I love! I miss being able to have some "girly" time with friends every now and then! Roger has moulded himself into the couch since the World Cup Soccer is on so he spent his weekend watching the TV! lol

Not too much to report on the crochet front due to my weekend away, except I have ALMOST finished one of the Baby Bear beanies!! How exciting! It looks sooo cute and the colour is just gorgeous! I was following the pattern and getting a bit lost at first but ended up figuring out my way there and have finally made the beanie part. All I have to do is make the two ears and sew them on!! I can't wait to post finished pictures of it!!
More updates on the finished project soon! :)
Ellie x

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