Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I'm reading now...

Today I swung by the local newsagent and noticed a magazine advertised that I'd never seen before, I popped in to the shop and bought it! It was called "Notebook:" magazine. In between study procrastination and actually doing some reading up on my exam topics I read through the mag and fell in love instantly! Where has a magazine like this been hiding?!

Its fresh and quirky with awesome "How-to's", book and movie reviews, crafty bits, homey bits, fashion and advice, its like your usual girly mag but sooo much better! It talks about tax and health and gardening (which I love) and all things fresh and lovely! I can't believe I haven't noticed it before! This months issue also came with an adorable little makeup bag - bonus!! I sound like I'm working for the magazine in the marketing dept., but honestly I recommend to check it out!

As I read through the pages I noticed they mentioned their website which is super cute and helpful too! Its and has a link to the website's "blog" which is

Also, (before I quit ranting and raving about my new favourite read) the magazine "Craft Room" is a group that organises awesome craft classes for readers and creative interested people to attend in Sydney and Melbourne, including crochet classes! Naturally I'm bummed because I can't make it to the classes (cake decorating, jewellery making, quilting ... the list goes on) because I'm ages from the city, but I just think that its so cool that there are so many crafty people out there! I love it, homemade is so the way to go!


  1. hey ellie i was just thinking you should have a go at card making classes.Jason's mum does them and they make some really cool cards. they are having one this weekend.if ur interested just go and see julianne at the RTA desk at the council.
    love all ur crochet things!
    debbie x

  2. Thanks Deb, I have actually seen some card making classes advertised in the paper before and thought that they would be a great idea! I've just gotta find the time to get to one! lol
    Might see if I can get to the next class!
    Thanks for commenting!! :o)


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