Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's veggie patch harvest time (for my rocket seedlings any how!!) How exciting! I cant believe I grew my own veggies from tiny seeds and now I can eat them! lol

The rocket looks sooo good in the veggie patch and looks even better on top of our homemade pizza's that I made Rog and I for dinner tonight. Mmmm yumo!

Here's my recipe for a yummy homemade pizza:

- Tortilla wraps (I used 2 "Mission Wraps" in zesty garlic and herb flavor)
- Tomato paste
- Sundried tomatoes
- Pitted kalmata olives
- Fresh rocket (or baby spinach)
- Crumbed fetta
- Shredded cheese
I combine all on a tortilla wrap and bake in the oven on about 160 degrees. I dont usually time the process and just "gestimate" as to whe to take the pizza out. Usually once the cheese has meted and the tomatoes are starting to crisp or lightly blacken you know its ready!

Yummmm! Roger was very pleased with how these pizza's turned out, and I was too, they were soooo yummy! You can also add whatever you like on the pizza's, and instead of using store bought tortilla wraps you can make your own usins flour and water and frying in the pan.
I hope your dinner tonight was as yummy and filling as ours!
Ellie x

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