Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Pink, No Play!

Happy Birthday to my lovely big sister Miss Kate for yesterday! The big 24!! lol You are getting old girl!! (Just joking!!)

Last night was Kate's birthday party, we all had to wear something pink to join in (Girls only!!)
We had an awesome night drinking pink champers and eating marshmellows and strawberries, not to mention the pretty pink cake made with love by our cousin Khan!!

It was a great night to spend time with my 2 sisters and mumma (see piccie above) as well as with other family like my beautiful nan, aunty Rell and little cousins!

In other news, the night before Kate's party, whilst Rog was out with his mates from work to watch the footy, I stayed home in the warm (and in my cosy dressing gown!) trying to whip up a quick beanie for Kate. She had asked me a few weeks ago to make her one (the same as my first beanie I made with the HUGE flower on it) and I only just got my act together and started making it the night before her birthday (so like me to leave it to the last minute!).

I was very lucky and got the beanie done in a couple of hours. I am loving tge chunkiness of the 20ply Nundle wool and how quick it works up to make a project! I was surprised at how quickly I finished it!

It doesn't look like much at the moment but once I get the flower done it should look great. I'm hoping that she'll like it, she did ask to have a black beanie made with a pink flower but I decided to reverse it. Plus once I saw this gorgeous dusty pink colour in the chunky Nundle I loved it and thought it would look great made into a beanie for Kate.

The flower is still a working progress and doesn't look much like a flower at the moment but I'm hoping to get it done sometime this weekend or early next week so I can still give it to Kate not too far after her birthday!

I've also managed to complete the body of the Baby Bear Beanie # 2!! It's looking super cute (just like the other one) and the colour has turned out really nice, the minty green is great for a baby boy. All I need to do is whip up the ears and I'm done... Oh and sew in the left over threads.

Until next post, lets hope you're having a great weekend and maybe working on your own crafty bits and pieces!!

Ellie x

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