Friday, July 30, 2010

What I'm listening to now...

Lately I've been searching for some good tunes and it just so happened that I was driving home from work today and heard a song on the radio that I love (I had only heard it once before but loved it and could never find out who sung it, until tonight). I did a google search (Google is honestly the BEST resource, I have no idea where we'd all be without it!!) and I found out that the song "I Need You Now" was by a little country band called Lady Antebellum.

Now I know what you're thinking... ugh another country band shout out, but seriously, this band is really good! The two lead vocals are by a girl and a guy and their music is so easy to listen to, I'm really liking it (I'm listening to the songs play on my laptop now). My fav song so far is the one I heard on the radio "I Need You Now", it doesnt even sound country (not like that real western twang or anything) its got a more acoustic/folky vibe to it.

I recommend to check them out, even if you're not into country that much or you don't mind a bit of it here and there, I may be onto a winner! lol Their album is titled "Need You Now".
Some tracks that I'm liking are "American Honey", "Need You Now" and "Our Kind of Love".

Ellie x

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