Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Dreaming...

So whilst I'm in the middle of printing scientific journal resources for my latest Uni science assignment (sounds boring hey??!) I thought I'd drop by my blog and say a hello to everyone out there in "Blog-Land".

Lately with work and uni being so hectic I've been daydreaming of holidays and relaxing times on the beach! I mean who doesn't wish that they were on holidays somewhere warm right now?! Its been sooo freezing here in my part of the world! So I thought I'd share some day-dream piccies with you out of my digital photo album!

Here are some gorgeous pics from my last holiday in January with Rog, we went to Fiji for my 21st birthday and stayed at the new Intercontinental Resort! It was just perfect!

(The amazing sunset from one of the Resorts restaurants over looking the beach. Sooo Pretty!)

(Me and Roger horse riding along the crystal blue beach on my birthday! Ahhh, such a beautiful part of the world to visit!!)

More crochet news in the next day or two. I'm currently working on a gorgeous "waterfall" scarf in a white 100% Alpaca yarn by Heirloom, its going to look excellent when it's finished! Piccies to come soon!

Until then, happy day-dreaming and here's hoping we all get to go on some holidays soon!! :o)

Ellie x


  1. Oh Ellie, I love the new blog header pic, it's absloutely GORGEOUS!!! Your new profile pic is divine too!!!

    Sure does sound like you had a dreamy time at Fiji for your 21st, you lucky thing you..

    Looking forward to seeing your finished scarf...

    Hugs - Jodie

  2. Thanks Jode! Yeah the holiday was awesome, wishing for some yummy warm sun like we had in Fiji here at home now!!

    I'm nearly finished the scarf, halfway through the second last row, its looking great, I'm loving it!!

    Hope your not too bogged down with all of your gorgeous crochet/knitting creations! :o)

    Ellie x


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