Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raindrops on my veggies...

So I'm home from work this arvo to work on my uni assignment, and have just finished it!! Hurrah! A 2 page fact sheet on Hyperparathyroidism in horses was actually more interesting than I thought. (If anyone is interested I'll email you my fact sheet! hehe just kidding!)

Anyway, after a gorgeous shower of rain last night and today I ventured outside after my study sesh and thought I'd snap some piccies of my veggie patch because it has been AGES since I've posted about it!

So here they!! Some piccies of my gorgeous and homegrown veggies!! (Some are still growing and not ready to eat yet, but I love the look of them anyway!)

(My newly planted broccoli seedlings...)

(Some rain drops on my baby spinach leaves...)

(My first strawberry bud)

(My favourite piccie... Our onions sprouting up!)

(The rocket and baby spinach veggies that we've been enjoying in salad and on homemade pizzas for about a month or so now! mmm)

So to give you an idea of where these yummy veggies are growing exactly I thought I'd post you a picture of the patch:

Here's where all the magic happens!! lol Okay, so its only teeny tiny, but our backyard isn't all that huge and for my first veggie patch I thought I'd start out small and see how I go! The main patch is planted in a medium sized poly molafos drum that my dad gave to me, it works great and I managed to fit quite a few veggie seeds in there. The other is a tiny "tomato tub" that I got from Bunnings for about 9 bucks! I'm using it to grow my strawberries and some broccoli, at least while they're small anyhow.

I'm loving gardening, and cant wait until the rest of the veggies are ready to harvest! Now that I'm getting a handle on gardening I'm wanting to plant more and more! Roger loves it too. The veggies are just outside our kitchen window so we can get out there whenever we're cooking to pick the stuff that we need!

In other news, I mentioned in my last post about my current crochet project, the "waterfall" scarf. Well because I am almost done I thought I'd post you some quick pics to show you how its turning out!

I love the flowy look it has and how it twists with each row crocheted. I have one more row to finish off but I need to get another ball of Heirloom Alpaca wool because this project pretty much swallowed up the 2 other skeins that I had. I should be finished by the end of this week and will be starting a new project on Saturday in crochet class.

Until next post,

Ellie x


  1. Hey thats scalf looks so great.. and your little vegie patch is looking great.. Kate xx

  2. The vegies look great Ellie!!! More people need to take a leaf out of your book, it's so super easy to grow veg and it doesn't take up much space at all... Well done!!!

    Love the cascade scarf too, it looks great in that alpaca...

    Hugs - Jodie :)


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