Friday, July 9, 2010

Funky Fabrix...

Ever since I started getting into crochet and getting back some creative-ness in my days I've been really interested in learning to sew. Of course during school I learned a little bit in Design and Technotlogy class (DT) but school feels like a lifetime ago and I can't even remember how to thread a sewing machine anymore !! (It's sad, I know!)

I'm really keen to learn and I'm going to look into classes here in town because during my internet/blog surfing I've come across soooo many gorgeous patterns and fabrics and I'm busting to start making my own things.

Some friends from crochet class last week have referred me to this gorgeous site, "Funky Fabrix" and I am HOOKED on it! It's such a cute site and there are so many pretty prints and gorgeous fabrics on there that I can't decide what I want to buy (because so far I want everything!! lol).
I've earmarked some fabrics that I'm loving:

As you can tell I'm liking the floral designs! lol There's just too many to choose from, I could be here all day uploading the one's that I like!
They've also got a great blog and you can find it here.
Happy fabric shopping! :)
Ellie x


  1. Ooh! The bird print is so lovely :)
    I don't really know about country areas, but in Sydney there are lots of Community Colleges and they often have people teaching paper making classes, sewing classes, and so on. I think sometimes at TAFE they might teach those sorts of classes, too (but I'm not sure).
    I really want that bird print fabric!
    Lee x

  2. Thanks for your advice Lee! I've noticed on the net that there are sooo many great crafty classes you can go to in the city and I'm super jealous!! There are 2 places in town here where I can learn to sew, which is great so I've just got to look into it!

    I love the bird print too!! It was posted on the Funky Fabrix facebook page, I think its super cute!


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