Friday, July 23, 2010

I love washers...

I love the look of crochet face washers or dishcloths. Tonight I finished my second washer using the first crochet pattern I ever got in my crochet classes. Its a beginners washer pattern that is a really good starting point for new crocheters because it uses 3 main techniques (single crochet, double crochet and treble all in the same washer!).

I'm pleased with how it turned out, I used some gorgeous blue Cascades cotton rich yarn in my stash (My stash is growing as I'm becoming slightly addicted to buying yarn!!)

I don't think it'll be my last washer as I plan to make many more! They just look so cute folded and stacked in my bathroom!

More crochet news to come in my blog this weekend after I have class tomorrow, I'm going to be starting a new project that Jodie is going to pick out for me. I'm excited to sink my teeth into something new and just as excited to share it with you all!

Happy Weekend! :o)


  1. ellie,
    i am in love with your blog so much that i want one, well i have tried and was not reaaly succeeding......... any tipswouldbe great. keep up the great writing and i will keep stopping by...........x

    love bec cain

  2. Thanks so much for the good wrap Bec! Blogging is great, I love it! You should definitely give it a go! Its not as hard as it may seem at all! I can give you some tips for sure via email or something like that if you like? Let me know via Facebook or on here and I'll try to help you out! :o)


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