Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A busy bee...

So my poor blog has been slightly neglected lately as work, uni and social life activites have taken up a lot of m time in the last week or so!
I haven't got a great deal to report on, but felt that I should post nonetheless! Last week Roger and I ventured down to the big smoke (Sydney) for our freind's wedding. Ohhh I LOVE weddings, the romance, the dresses, the food, all that lovey stuff! I'm such a sucker! lol

Anyhow, this wedding was special in particular as it was the first "cultural" wedding that I've ever been too. Rami (is Egyptian) and Azi (is Persian) so the ceremony and reception were both very cultural and interesting to be apart of.

(The gorgeous bride Azi and her very happy husband Rami)

Of course Azi was a gorgeous bride and Rami was so adorable when it came to his speech about his beautiful new bride (I think I shed a tear... told you I'm a sucker!) One of the great parts of the reception was the professional Belly dancer hired by the bride and groom as entertainment! I thought this was such a cool touch! She got the crowd all in the dancing mood and got the bride and groom up for a dance!

(Rachel the belly dancer teaching the bride and groom a few moves)

(Me and our friend Jess rockin' the wedding in red! We didnt plan the colour co-ordination I swear!)

Weddings are such a good time to catch up with friends and family and Roger and I were so glad to be able to do this while spending such a special day with some beautiful friends! Thanks Mr and Mrs Ghattas!! (hehe)

After all of this great "holidaying" in the city I made it back home and back to reality. Uni has started back for me so a lot of my spare time is going to be devoted to study :o( I have been working on a few little crochet projects (and will up-date with pics soon!)

Also, I had my first sewing/quilting class last wednesday! It was great, I bought my fabrics and other equipment and cut all of the fabric into squares to make my first ever "raggy" quilt! I can't wait until its finished! I have another class tonight where I will have to start to sew it all together. I will definitely take some pictures and post after my class (and after I figure out how to use my mum's sewing machine! lol)

Until then,

Ellie x

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  1. Hi Ellie,
    Your friend looks quite like a Persian friend of mine back at Uni. That was 5 years ago at UWS, but she looks so much like her.
    "Cultural" weddings are great! I love them.

    Enjoy your week :)


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