Friday, July 9, 2010

Food Rampage!

Yes, I'm on a bit of a food rampage at the moment whipping up new recipes when I can! I know i've mentioned this site alot lately but I've found the yummiest soup recipe on here!! you've done me proud once again!!!

I'm not a huge soup fan but after this one that I tried and tested for the first time last night I think I'm growing to like it! Who would have thought that Aspargus and Pea's would taste soooo great together!!? Well it does and I was so surprised at how delicious this recipe turned out!
Roger was just as surprised as me at just how nice this recipe was, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone! Give it a go!! It was perfect for this chilly weather!

In other news I received a great little package yesterday with some gorgeous fabric in it that I ordered from this nifty online store. Thanks Corrie, I love it! I have NO idea what I'm going to use it for yet, but I think its super cute and will look great at what ever I enventually make it into! If I can get into a sewing class maybe I could use it sooner!?

Also last week I finished off another quick project that I mentioned in an earlier post - my Design Sponge face washer! I love it, it turned out great, love the colour and I'm planning on making some more!


  1. Hi Ellie,

    The soup looks yum, and the fabric looks great. You've got some pretty great taste in fabrics!
    For your face washer, what sort of yarn did you use? Was it acrylic? I've wanted to make one but I'm unsure as to which yarn I should use.
    I probably could have found the answer somewhere, but I like your blog :)

  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks, I'm so glad you like my blog!!
    For the face washer the yarn I used was called Cotton Rich by "Cascades Yarns". They come in so many nice colours, I've got some in a really rich red and a sunny yellow, I'll be making more face washers with them soon!

    Do you crochet?

  3. I love to crochet :) I joined a Ravelry group called Soita Mummolle (which I think is Finnish for Call Your Grandma), so at the moment I'm just crocheting a lot of hearts for her project. She'll be leaving the hearts on trains and trams, etc, with a note attached, and I guess it will tell the reader to call their grandma. It's to highlight the loneliness a lot of elderly people experience. I thought it was such a great idea, I couldn't say no.
    What is your crochet class like? I'd love to find something like that - maybe I should scour the 'net for classes in Sydney.
    Lee :)

  4. Wow, that "Call Your Grandma" project sounds great! What is your ravelry ID, I'd love to check out what you've been working on!

    The crochet class I go to is great! Jodie (the teacher/shop owner) is an excellent teacher and also has a great blog called "Jellywares".

    Have you ever heard of the Notebook magazine? They have a craft group/organization that run a thing called the "Craft Room", they do classes in Sydney every month where you can learn all types of different crafts like quilting, sewing, jewellery making and of course crochet! I see them advertised all the time and they look like great fun! You should check them out if you're keen for classes

  5. My Ravelry id is 1Lee but I haven't uploaded any photos yet :( I will soon be uploading photos of my hearts, I'm not sure if any of my other project photos will turn out.
    I have noticed that Notebook runs classes in Alexandria. When I found out, it was the day after one of their classes so I need to be a bit more proactive and check on their website more often! Thanks for reminding me :)


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