Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am in love with this jacket!!!

I have been eyeing this jacket off for weeks now! I am in love with it!
It's sold online (and in store) at one of my favourite overseas shops that I spent waaay too much money in when I was in London - Topshop !!

Its only about $80 or so and I haven't been able to find an equivalent that I love as much in an Aussie store just yet!

This is my imaginary outfit that I plan to wear with it when I eventually give into myself and buy it!! lol

Untitled #3

I LOVE turquoise and aqua at the moment! How cute are those Steve Madden sandal flats?! ($81 from
You can also buy a really similar black maxi dress like this one online and in store at Just Jeans for around $70!!
What goodies are you lusting over at the moment??

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