Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mixed Moods and Daydreaming...

I'm a bit all over the shop this week. One minute I'm happy the next I'm feeling off. I guess these are the joys of everyday life aren't they?!

Something that lifted my mood earlier in the week was these pictures that my friend posted of Facebook for me to see. When I was in the Greek Islands back in August this year we, (Me and my friends Jess and Nikki) went swimming in the most beautifully clear water I have ever seen (mind you it was freeeeezing this day, I was such a sook and the girls had to beg me to get in the water! lol)


Jess ran to the shop across the road and bought an underwater camera and this week we all finally got to see what the pictures turned out like! (If you haven't used a disposable underwater camera before - you can't actually see what the pictures turn out like until the film is developed - like back in the old days when we would take pictures on film!!)


They turned out great!!!


The only problem is they are making me day dream of being back on my gorgeous holiday and back at the beach! Time just flies past way too quick these days, so I try to cherish every moment I get and take as many pictures as I can so the memories always last!


Thanks for sharing the piccies Jess!!! :o) 

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