Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumping it up!

When I was overseas I wrote a list (a long one!) of everything I needed (and wanted) to do when I got home and back into reality.

Very close to the top of this list was to get myself back in shape! I loved every minute of indulging overseas but I have to admit, the amazing food and drink did get the better of me and I wasn't loving the "pudgy-ness" I was starting to notice growing all over my body!!

This week I am dedicated to a "fresh start" and whipping myself into shape!

Last week I tackled the enormous task of making myself go back to a local Body Pump class that I used to attend earlier in the year. (If you haven't heard of Pump - check it out here!) Despite hardly being able to walk for about 3 days after the class, it actually felt really good!

So this week I am even more keen! A good friend of mine has also been lacking motivation so we've been pushing each other to walk in the mornings and do other exercise stuff at night. I am loving it so far! Its amazing how good you feel once you get started!

I figure with Summer fast approaching what better time to start then now right?!


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