Sunday, October 23, 2011

This week...

Reflecting on this past week, I think I've learnt a few things....

1. People can and will always surprise you. Whether its a good surprise or a bad one, people are constantly surprising me. I'm learning that some people aren't really as they seem, and some people are really making me smile.

2. Exercise is my friend!! After a long couple of weeks getting used to being back at work and getting my "groove" back with exercise (lol) I've noticed such a change in how I feel in the morning and my motivation levels have sky rocketed! Yay!

3. Fake tan is my new best friend! Thank you to my good friend Jess.C who has motivated me to attempt fake tanning at home. For as long as I can remember I have envied girls with a beautiful sunny glow when Summer rolled around and this week I decided to bite the bullet and try a bit on my ever-so pasty and white legs. Well Jess you were right! I am now addicted to this tan. I love it, my legs look so golden and sunkissed and all this without an inch of sunburn! Hooray!!! lol

I'm using this awesome product by the Aussie label SugarBaby. I swear by this stuff!

spring time toes

4. Meeting new and different people is great!! After my life changing trip to Europe I came home feeling like I could tackle anything. Now I am throwing myself into new and different things in attempt to meet different people. I've met some awesome people and now spending some time with these "new friends" is making me really happy! Its not so scary putting yourself out there and getting into different friend "circles", I've learnt it can turn out to be a really good thing.

5. Gardening is not just for Nannas! I am loving getting into our garden and veggie patch. I am currently throwing myself into "reviving" my poor neglected basil plant that I thought had died already. Come back to me little Basil!!!!


6. Also along the lines of exercise, I am STOKED that online shopping is becoming more and more popular with general stores. I shopped up a storm at Running Bare online. Check it out if you (like me) need a makeover when it comes to your work out clothes. (I can finally retire my "Year 6" memorial t-shirt from making appearances in our local gym. lol) Plus, its also another awesome Aussie brand! Yep, I'm flying the flag for shopping in our country! hehe

7. Lastly, I am discovering a new love obsession with Sundays (not just Saturdays!) Today was a beautiful day and I've had a big smile on my face almost all day! I love the weekend.

i love lazy sundays

How has your week been?? Fill me in, comment below!!



  1. Hi! Cute toes! Nothing better than a fake tan and fresh nail/toenail polish. :)

  2. I love this post.... I have also realised a few things along the lines of what you have just said!!!!
    Ps- i have been telling you for years fake tan is your friend
    <3 You!!!


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