Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ow My Head!

Okay, I know people say this frequently but, why do we drink?! Ow my head hurts from last nights festivities!!!! lol
Alright, I admitt... It's kind of a good hurt since I had such an awesome time with some great friends!

 This was me before I hit the town with my girl friends for a six course dinner and some yummy wine (maybe a tad too much wine! haha)

It has been another busy week with work and exercise and socialising with friends but it has ended nicely and I am feeling super happy which is great! I haven't got a great deal of news to share and am a little boring with my blog updates this week but I'll try and kick back into full gear next week!

Oh, also I have been admiring my "green thumb" work watching my hydrangeas plants starting to flower - they are in full bloom at the moment and are just gorgeous! These are my favourite flowers and I can help but smile when I see them.

How have you been this week?


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